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  • patient
    Dr Andrew Martin D.C. is the best find ever. I recommend him highly. Read more »»
    - Miti Ampoma
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    ActiveBacks… they are as much a part of my success as the long hours of training. Read more »»
    - Paul Bennet
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    I instantly felt with Mathew that I was in the hands of an extremely good professional. Read more »»
    - John Cormican

Most people come to us because they think they want to get out of pain, but after speaking with them for a while we don’t have to dig too far to discover that their true concern is functional: your pain is preventing you from doing something. Ask yourself this question: if I could magically be free of pain and had a body that performed optimally, just the way I wanted it to, what would I be doing that I currently can’t? We’ve noticed patients can often put up with a lot before seeking help, and some patients have been putting up with a lot for a long time! Many people will try and ignore an ache or a pain, or will try taking painkillers to get by. That’s when the downward spiral of decreasing functional ability and reduced confidence in your own body kicks in. Once your pain gets in the way of being able to do something that you love, be it sports, having fun with the kids or grandkids, then the world can suddenly become a lot more scary and a lot less fun. Our aim at ActiveBacks isn’t just to make you feel better for a while as painkillers might, but instead to help you take control again and get you back to enjoying a full and fun life. We understand your situation is completely unique to you, utilising many of the latest skills and insights of manual therapy and physical health here at ActiveBacks we work with you to get your active back. If you miss being healthy, ActiveBacks is here to help you now, so please pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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