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Active Release Performance Care London

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Active Release Performance Care London


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    It felt like Matthew was part of my team, not just on fixing my knee but helping me achieve my ambitions. Read more »»
    - Dev Nayak
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    We beat 26 other crews to win the Lester Trophy for the Intermediate Club Coxed Fours category. Read more »»
    - Donna Etiebet

Word has spread that ART® is an extremely effective soft-tissue management system. Many individuals, groups, corporations, business entities, and professional sporting teams have come to rely on ART® care. In fact, in North America ART® has become the treatment of choice for top athletes.

ART® founder Dr. Michael Leahy conducts training and certification sessions at a number of Ironman events. He has developed a biomechanics-related set of protocols that are, he says, “almost completely devoted to analysing gait and other motions of specific sports”.

ART® Performance Care can be an answer to problems that do not respond to other treatments. Olympic gold medallists Jamie Sale and David Pelletier receive treatment each week to prevent small injuries becoming worse. The World Pairs Figure Skating Champions put their bodies through rigorous routines, and rely on their ART® practitioner, Dr. Al Jeffels, to help speedy recovery.

ART® Performance Care can also be applied to the corporate world. The complete soft tissue management system is especially useful for companies needing to reduce their workers’ compensation cost in the area of repetitive strain, and strain or sprain injuries. ART® helps employees to be pain free (or greatly improved) as quickly as possible, at a significantly reduced cost. Employees are shown simple preventative stretches. Knowing which stretches are essential for each employee to perform during the workday can help prevent painful conditions from occurring or returning.

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