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The ActiveBacks Work (and Play) Model

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  • patient
    Thanks to Andrew, the pain is relieved very quickly and the exercises he gives me help to strengthen my weaknesses. Read more »»
    - Jamie Hinton
  • Irina-Karpuhina-widget
    Hands down the best sports injury treatment I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot! Read more »»
    - Irina Karpuhina
  • Andrew’s treatment and advice have been as important as any length swam, mile run, or pedal turned. Read more »»
    - Sir Tony Robinson

Pain • Prevention • Performance

We’ve found that the following three things make a real difference and are what we focus our care around! Here’s how it goes:

Pain relief at {PRACTICE NAME}


The positive aspect of pain is that it can tell you when there’s something wrong. The sooner we address this the better. Your body has the capability of healing itself. Injuries, altered movement patterns and repetitive movements can interfere with the normal healing ability of your body. That’s where we come in.

We work with you to relieve your pain and empower you to stay pain-free. A prime example of this is how our application of Active Release Techniques can help to reduce the impact of residual scar tissue so you heal more thoroughly.

Prevention at {PRACTICE NAME}


Just as with the natural laws of cause and effect, once we have addressed the effect of your injury – the pain – it’s then time to get down to business and address the cause. As part of a full recovery process we work with you during a highly tailored rehabilitation process, which helps strengthens and underpin the work we do at the beginning in order to reduce the likelihood of you having to go through a similar experience of pain again.

When in pain, your body unconsciously adapts to the pain. We aim undo that change through our treatments and exercise prescriptions and prevent problems like this from reoccurring.

With the use of our natural healing methods and our understanding of the functioning of your body we restore it to its optimal capacity and because you’re no longer in acute pain, this part of the process can actually be quite good fun. We really enjoy getting to know our patients and having a laugh with them. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing our patients go from strength to strength.

Performance at {PRACTICE NAME}


Many patients don’t realise that far from it being due to a lack of skill, co-ordination or thinking they’re too ‘old’, a lot of functional / performance related issues can stem from a mechanical or neuro-muscular origin. If you’re a professional athlete or weekend worrier and want to get better at what you do or have a new PB in mine, we can help you form optimal health goals and help you reach them.

Whether you are a sportsperson, a teenager, working professional, or a wiser (not just older) person, we can help you. We empower you and infuse confidence in you to accomplish your next challenge.

Questions? Concerns? Give ActiveBacks a call now and put your mind at ease. 

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