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Our Chiropractic and Osteopathic Techniques

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Active Release Techniques - Get Your Fun Back

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    Thanks to Andrew, the pain is relieved very quickly and the exercises he gives me help to strengthen my weaknesses. Read more »»
    - Jamie Hinton
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    ActiveBacks… they are as much a part of my success as the long hours of training. Read more »»
    - Paul Bennet
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    I’ve gone from not being able to row at all to…better condition than I had been in a very long time. Read more »»
    - Storm Uru

Here at ActiveBacks, we combine what we believe to be the best of the traditional techniques with the best of the new, thus providing an innovated twist to the care you receive and the results we can achieve together.

Along with Orthopaedic Neurological Testing and Gait Scan Analysis, here are our top three methods that we specialise in:

Active Release Techniques (ART)

Dr Andrew Martin DC (Chiropractor) is the first fully certified ART practitioner from Europe.

This technique deals with the removal of scar tissue from the body. In case of an injury, our body produces scar tissue. When this builds up, it gets in the way of the natural motion of your soft tissue. This results in limited range of motion and unfortunately, pain.

Scar tissue build up is often the cause of headaches, shoulder pain and knee pain. By using this technique, we address the root cause of your pain and help you lead an active life. read more»

Graston Technique

This technique focuses on specific types of fibrosis from acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. It enables us to break down a particular type of scar tissue using specially designed instruments. It gives us another level of precision when addressing your injuries.

These types of instruments accompany the work we do with our hands and can work very well in assisting with problems we find in the fascial system of the body. read more»

Applied Function Science (AFS)

Many traditional rehabilitation techniques looks at movements in isolation and thus tries to fix a real world movement problem in a very artificially reductionist approach. AFS is different.

Here we look at how you move in all planes of function to help identify areas of weakness allowing us to prescribe unique movement based exercises to bridge the gap between what you can’t do and what you really need to be able to do. Dealing with neuro-musculoskeletal activities, this technique can help individuals of all ages!

The approach involves the Principles-Strategies-Techniques process. The process consists of understanding the physical principles, developing scientific strategies and applying specific techniques to relieve your pain.

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