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Traveling to CrossFit World Finals

Iceland Annie in action

Iceland Annie in action

Annie Thorisdottir, also known as ‘Iceland Annie,’ will soon be going for the gold in the CrossFit World Finals in California. Testing overall fitness through different strength and endurance competitions, the winner of this competition is judged the fittest in the world.

Right there with Iceland Annie, making sure her body is in top performance shape is Andrew and Matthew Martin from ActiveBacks. Working with Annie before and during the competition, we will be there to address all her concerns and make sure her previous injuries stay in the past.

Active Release Techniques®

A technique we use with Annie and many other chronic injuries is Active Release (ART®).

When an injury occurs, your body will form scar tissue around the injury to support it. However, this scar tissue prevents your soft tissues from moving properly, reducing your range of motion and strength and causing you pain.

ART® will help clear out your scar tissue so that the soft tissues can repair properly, leaving you with your former problem area functioning optimally again. We commonly use these on a variety of patients, not just athletes. Anyone who has problems with chronic muscle overuse, whether it is from professional competitions or typing at a computer all day, can benefit from these methods.

Best of luck to Iceland Annie from our team here at ActiveBacks, who will be joining her in California to make sure her body gets the care it needs to be in top shape.

If you wish to be in top shape, contact us today.

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  1. Chris Reddan says
    Aug 10, 2014 at 1:59 PM

    Hi I was recommended to get in contact by TTP I'm sorry so long winded Hope you can help thanks I had a MRI scan on my left elbow Mri report Early medial lipping, with detached tiny osteophyte seen on image 5 coronal T1. Both collateral ligaments, common extensor and flexor tendons are still within normal limits. No signal marrow change is identified in the epicondyle, with no soft tissue abnormality MRI right shoulder Osteoarthritic changes of the acromio-clavicular joint, causing impingement upper surface of the musculo tendinous part of the surpaspinatous. In addition there is peripheral impingement at the subacromial, but there is possibility of minor superficial tear just beyond the subacromial space. Few artefacts seen along the course of the tendon but no obvious other tears seen. Normal insertion. Focal signal marrow change of the head of the humerus. Gleno-humeral articulation is within normal lights with normal labrum. Normal tendon of the long head of the biceps with thickening of the subscapularis tendon I've been given a programme via another human performance therapist But as the TTP highly recommend you thought I get contact you Thanks Chris

    • Andrew says
      Aug 14, 2014 at 1:59 PM

      Hi Chris, Thanks for getting in touch. Just to confirm, we look forward to seeing you later at the clinic. Regards, Andrew

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