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Get Your Championship Back - The European CrossFit Games

Annie Thorisdottir, a two-time champion of the World CrossFit Games, was sidelined by a terrible back injury and left her unable to compete in the 2013 World CrossFit Games. With this devastating injury, how would she get back to her previous form and be ready to compete for the championship again?

With care from ActiveBacks, ‘Iceland Annie’ recovered from her injuries and was able to compete again, gearing up for the 2014 European CrossFit Games. Along with her were her chiropractor and osteopath, Andrew and Matthew Martin from ActiveBacks. We were flown to Copenhagen to help keep an eye on all areas of Iceland Annie’s health and performance goals at the European Regionals.

The Copenhagen Games

Iceland Annie on top of the podium at the 2014 European CrossFit Games

Iceland Annie on top of the podium at the 2014 European CrossFit Games

CrossFit is a newer way of working out, involving several different aspects of fitness which devotees spend time on, rather than simply trying to be as strong as possible or run as long as they can. Combining strength and endurance challenges, Iceland Annie is, truly, Europe’s Fittest Woman, with the ultimate aim of reclaiming her title as the World’s Fittest Woman.

In Copenhagen, Iceland Annie was concerned with a well publicised issue she was having with her knee. With just days to go before the competition, she flew in to see us in London then flew us in to Denmark to help her both before and during the competition. At the venue we worked with her prior to each event, as well as checking her after each event. With the high risk of injury involved in such intense workouts we made sure her body was in the best possible shape to compete.

Annie’s care was tailored to exactly what she needed while competing, and she came through to win the gold. This is an example of the lengths the team at ActiveBacks are prepared to go to help their patients. We’re ready to help you with injuries that have been bothering you or keeping you from enjoying your life, whether or not you’re a champion competitor like Annie =)

Stayed tuned for more things CrossFit..

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