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Iceland Annie: CrossFit Champion, ActiveBacks' Patient

The ActiveBacks team with Crossfit champion Iceland Annie

The ActiveBacks team with Crossfit champion Iceland Annie and coach Jami Tikkanen

Annie Thorisdottir is a 24-year-old fitness champion, having won two CrossFit World Final Games and one European Final CrossFit Game and soon going for her third gold at the CrossFit World Games in California. She is also a devotee of our unique blend of chiropractic and osteopathy care and a patient here at ActiveBacks!

We had the good fortune of meeting Annie through her coach, Jami of The Training Plan, who knew of the work we do with athletes to keep them healthy and able to compete. We specialise in sports techniques tailored to each athlete’s specific needs. Whether a casual runner who likes to stay fit, or a competitive athlete like Iceland Annie, we’re keen to help you.

Taken Out by Back Pain

Annie was sidelined by a devastating back injury she had got while weightlifting and was in intense pain, leaving her unable to compete at the 2013 CrossFit World Final Games. After her very first meeting with us, Annie was able to progress again with elements of her training straightaway. This set the scene for helping her on the road to recovery and winning the European CrossFit Regionals in May this year and soon competing for the gold at the World Final Crossfit Games in Carson, California, starting 23rd July and finishing 27th July 2014.

We will be travelling with Annie wherever she competes at the Games, so she’s able to have our unique ActiveBacks care on the sidelines, helping with any concerns or objectives she has.

We welcome the opportunity to be on the sidelines for you, ready to assist with any injuries that are preventing you from giving your best.

More CrossFit news to follow..

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