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COVID-19 Guidance and Protocols

Check in with Reception

On entry to the clinic please confirm with reception (currently on FaceTime via an iPad) that you are Covid-19 symptom free.

Remote Payments and Bookings

To limit time spent in reception whenever possible appointments will be booked remotely and payments taken over the phone the day before appointments.

Do Not Touch

Please do not touch any unnecessary surfaces in the clinic and use tissue or similar for door handles.

Wash your Hands

Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the clinic, please sanitise your hands before and after treatment.

Family and Friends

Patients should only be accompanied if minors, or require assistance. Other family members or friends should be requested to stay at home or wait outside the clinic.

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When social distance cannot be maintained patients are asked to wear a face mask or face covering.

Please be Patient

Thank you for your understanding as some of the new systems take a bit longer to carry out and we may end up running a bit late.

Please bring own shorts/appropriate clothing

Toilet Use

Surface sanitiser is available to wipe down contact areas before and after use.

Watch for COVID-19 symptoms and please reschedule if:

  • Loss of smell or taste
  • You are experiencing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, sore throat, tiredness, fever)
  • Exposer to anyone with suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 in last 14 days
  • Worked or attended a clinic facility treating COVID-19 patients in the last 14 days

Treatment Discount Schemes

To improve efficiency TDS purchases are especially helpful at this time and never expire.

By working together we can protect the vulnerable and get back to a more normal normal! Thank you!!

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